Francisco y Iuliana

Embracing My Roots in the Heart of Barcelona

Hello, I’m Iuliana Besan, a Moldovan-born, Verona-raised photographer with a passion for the art of capturing love. Living in Barcelona has allowed me to merge my Moldovan heritage with the vibrant Spanish culture, creating a unique blend in my photography.

From Moldova to Verona: A Cultural Fusion

Journey Shaped by Roots

Growing up in Verona, Italy, I found my love for photography amidst the rich tapestry of Italian art and culture. My Moldovan background provided a unique perspective that I carry into every photograph, capturing not just moments but the essence of love and cultural diversity.

Barcelona: A Canvas of Love and Art

Living and Creating in the Heart of Barcelona

Fluent in Italian: A Cultural Bridge

Being raised in Verona has not only enriched my cultural understanding but has also gifted me the fluency in Italian. This linguistic bridge allows me to connect effortlessly with clients who share a love for Italian culture, creating a comfortable and authentic photography experience.

Living and Breathing Spanish Culture

Barcelona, with its enchanting streets and lively spirit, has become my canvas for artistic expression. My partner and I, both passionate photographers, have made it our mission to capture the raw emotions and cultural nuances that define love in this captivating city.

A Love Story Beyond Borders

Journeying Across Catalonia and Beyond

Love Knows No Boundaries: Our Photography Mission

As a couple deeply in love ourselves, my partner and I understand the magic that lies within every love story. Whether it’s an engagement session on the picturesque streets of Barcelona or an intimate wedding ceremony in the heart of Catalonia, we strive to encapsulate the unique essence of each couple’s journey.

Beyond Barcelona: A Global Love Affair

While our home base is in Barcelona, our passion for storytelling through photography knows no limits. We eagerly travel across Catalonia and the world, bringing our artistic vision to couples who desire a love story captured with authenticity and creativity.

Bridging Cultures Through Photography

Spanish Inspiration in Every Frame

The vibrant art scene and cultural treasures of Spain inspire our photography. From the iconic architecture of Gaudí to the lively flamenco rhythms, we weave the essence of Spain into every photograph, creating timeless memories for our clients.

A Tapestry of Love and Heritage

For fellow Moldovans in Barcelona, whether you’re a tourist exploring this beautiful city or a resident celebrating a milestone, we are excited to connect with you. Our shared cultural roots create a bond that enhances the photographic experience, making it a celebration of not just love but also shared heritage.

Let’s Create Memories Together

Bringing Your Love Story to Life

As I embrace my Moldovan heritage and immerse myself in the vibrant culture of Barcelona, I am excited to collaborate with couples who value not just beautiful photographs but also a meaningful connection with their photographer. Let’s embark on a journey together, capturing the unique tapestry of your love in the heart of Barcelona and beyond.

Connect with us and let your love story unfold through the lens of Iuliana Besan, your Italian couple photographer in Barcelona.

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