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Embracing my roots: A Moldovan soul in Verona

Hello, lovely readers! I’m Iuliana, an Italian wedding photographer based in the enchanting city of Barcelona. Born in Moldova but raised in the picturesque landscapes of Verona, Italy, I bring a unique blend of Moldovan charm and Italian passion to my work. My linguistic journey is a testament to my diverse background; speaking fluent Italian is not just a skill but a celebration of my rich heritage.

Barcelona: A canvas of culture and love

Living in Barcelona has been a dream come true. The vibrant energy, the breathtaking architecture, and the warm embrace of Spanish culture have fueled my artistic spirit. My partner and I, both professional photographers, have made it our mission to capture the timeless moments of love in this mesmerizing city and beyond.

A symphony of cultures in every shot

Every photo we take is infused with the essence of Spain’s rich cultural tapestry. From the lively streets of Barcelona to the serene landscapes of Cataluña, our lens becomes a storyteller, weaving narratives of love, passion, and the beauty that surrounds us. The Spanish art scene has also been a significant influence on our work, inspiring us to create images that are not just photographs but pieces of art.

Bridging connections: Working with people from my homeland

Welcoming Moldovan hearts in Barcelona

Being a Moldovan soul in Barcelona, I yearn to connect with people from my homeland. Whether you’re a tourist exploring the wonders of Barcelona or a fellow resident, I am eager to bring my expertise to capture your special moments. Barcelona, with its unique blend of cultures, provides the perfect backdrop for love stories that transcend borders.

From Barcelona to the world: Our global journey

Our passion for photography knows no bounds. While we are rooted in Barcelona, our lenses have ventured far and wide, capturing weddings that tell tales of love in different corners of the world. It’s not just about the locations; it’s about the people and their stories that make each wedding a unique and magical experience.

Crafting memories: A personal touch to every photograph

Infusing spanish flair into wedding photography

Spain’s rich history and artistic heritage have left an indelible mark on my work. From the traditional Spanish ceremonies to the modern celebrations, I strive to capture the essence of every couple’s unique love story. The vibrant colors, the passionate dances, and the heartfelt emotions – every element contributes to creating timeless memories.

Collaborate with Us: Let’s tell your love story

If you’re a fellow Moldovan, a resident in Barcelona, or a couple planning a destination wedding, I invite you to embark on this photographic journey with us. Let’s create memories that reflect not only the love you share but also the cultural richness that defines your story.

As I embark on this journey as an Italian wedding photographer in Barcelona, my lens becomes a bridge between cultures, capturing the universal language of love in every frame. Whether you’re from Moldova, Italy, or any corner of the globe, let’s create magic together in the heart of Barcelona.

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