Francisco y Iuliana

A fusion of Moldovan heritage and Barcelona’s Charm

Hello, I’m Iuliana, a Moldovan couple photographers currently immersed in the artistic tapestry of Barcelona.

Raised in Chisinau, Moldova, I bring a unique perspective to my craft, influenced by my Moldovan roots and a deep appreciation for the rich culture of Spain.

The fusion of Moldovan roots and Barcelona’s aesthetic

Growing up in Chisinau, I became fluent in both Romanian and Russian, allowing me to connect authentically with individuals, be they locals or fellow Moldovan expatriates. This linguistic dexterity forms the bedrock of the personalized and engaging experience I offer to couples.

Barcelona’s artistic vibe: infusing Spanish culture into photography

Currently residing in the enchanting city of Barcelona, I am not merely a photographer but an artist capturing the essence of love. Barcelona’s vibrant culture and artistic heritage have become integral to my work, enriching the storytelling aspect of each photoshoot.

A Love affair with Spanish culture

Embracing Spanish Artistry in Photography

The streets of Barcelona are my canvas, and I paint with the hues of Spanish art. Gaudi’s whimsical architecture and the soul-stirring works of Picasso find resonance in my photography. Each frame becomes a piece of art, infused with the passion and creativity that define Spain.

Living and Breathing Spanish Culture

Immersed in the day-to-day life of Barcelona, I don’t just photograph couples; I encapsulate their love within the context of Spanish culture.

From traditional ceremonies to spontaneous moments, I aim to reflect the vivacity of Spanish life in every image.

Professional Duo Crafting Love Stories Across Barcelona, Catalonia, and Beyond

Crafting Love Stories with My Partner

Teaming up with my partner, we’ve become a professional duo dedicated to capturing the unique love stories of couples in Barcelona, throughout Catalonia, and even on the global stage.

Our collaborative approach ensures a dynamic and comprehensive coverage of your special day.

From Local Gems to Global Destinations

While we cherish photographing the intimate moments of local couples, our lens extends far beyond.

Whether against the backdrop of Barcelona’s captivating architecture or in the midst of a destination wedding, we are ready to travel the world to document your love story.

Personalized photography experience for Moldovan hearts in Barcelona

Connecting with Moldovan Hearts in Barcelona

As a Moldovan photographer in Barcelona, my heart yearns to work with individuals from my homeland, be they tourists or residents.

There’s a special connection that forms when Moldovans come together in this vibrant city, and I am here to capture those moments, turning them into timeless memories.

Tailored Services for Moldovan Couples

For Moldovan couples in Barcelona, I offer a personalized experience that transcends typical photoshoots. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s about narrating your unique love story against the backdrop of Barcelona’s charm.

Turning moments into timeless memories

In the heart of Barcelona, I, stand ready to weave your love story into the cultural fabric of this enchanting city. From the streets of Chisinau to the lively boulevards of Barcelona, let’s create moments that transcend borders and capture the universal language of love.

Whether you’re Moldovan, Spanish, or from any corner of the world, your love deserves to be celebrated, and I am here to make it a visual masterpiece.

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